Outsourcing staff for businesses is a common practice for big companies, but the rise of technology has made it a more accessible option for small businesses and entrepreneurs to rely on.

On account of technology, opening up outsourcing opportunities to companies in places beyond the United States has proven to be a viable solution to help entrepreneurs increase their productivity.

Thanks to founder Chandell Stone and her many entrepreneurial efforts to support her community, her and her company — Stone Solutions  — have been able to spotlight the amazing things happening in Africa.

Stone — a Harvard graduate and teacher — studied technology and innovation in school and decided to invest that knowledge into her businesses to provide opportunities for others.

Stone previously founded her other company — Destination Impact — which helps under-resourced communities across Africa access food, housing, and quality education. Through this effort, she’s been able to provide non-traditional travel opportunities to encourage cross-cultural dialogue and introduce others to global communities.

While she had a goal to work overseas, she found it difficult to find international companies that would hire her so she created a pool of opportunity to give back to people that looked just like her.

“The most important things that are going to have a lasting impact are jobs,” Stone said.

Knowing that fruitful employment is the most valuable asset she could give to communities, Stone set out to create Stone Solutions — a virtual assistant and consulting service that leverages untapped talent across Africa.

Stone Solutions provides startups and companies — like StellarEmploy, Haywire Weekend, and more — affordable services to increase their productivity and outsource talent beyond the U.S. sector.

Unlike other virtual assistance and consulting companies, Stone Solutions trains their talent before assigning them to companies to ensure they’re hiring the proper employees and sorting through any cultural shifts that may affect communication.

Stone’s company taps into a growing trend being used in businesses but also sets itself apart as an advocate for the international job market and source of support for residents in Africa seeking opportunities far beyond their homeland.

“What we do is begin to change the narrative about what is possible on the continent,” she said.

According to her, the way the media depicts Africa largely affects how citizens are perceived. However, Stone Solutions is actively working to position the continent as a place to help increase economic mobility.

Moreover, spotlighting countries like Kenya showcases all that high-skilled African millennials have to offer companies.

As the demand for more virtual assistants for companies working remotely continues to rise, Stone Solutions is keeping their finger on the pulse of industries to provide the best possible assistance during this time.

“A lot of companies are either feeling significant financial strains or business is booming and they need the help of virtual assistants,” said Stone.

In regards to how the foreseeable future will look for virtual assistance, Stone said:

“We will continue to become increasingly globally-connected, and when companies begin to really see the world as their talent pool as opposed to just engaging in national searches, they’re going to open themselves up to more opportunities. It’s not automation, but it’s still being able to think smarter about how to operate certain tasks. As much as you want to be competitive as a company, you have to think about how to lower your costs and still deliver quality services.”

In addition to maintaining her businesses, Stone is currently working on building a school for students in Atlanta that emphasizes amplifying Black voices and instruction in our educational institutions.

Currently, Stone Solutions and Destination Impact are continuing their respective efforts to build up talent in Africa and highlight global opportunities in business and travel.

For more information on Stone Solutions, visit their website.

For more information on Destination Impact, visit their website.