This Senegalese woman knows what it takes to be a success. She’s so successful, in fact, that she runs the biggest poultry production company in Africa.

Face2Face Africa features the story of Anta Babacar Ngom, who inherited Sedima from her father, Babacar, when he retired from work. Sedima is Senegal’s biggest poultry producer, and it is, in fact, one of the largest poultry producers on the continent. Ngom oversees the company’s production, distribution, and development.

According to her LinkedIn page, Ngom is also the General Director of KFC Senegal, where she has been for three years.

But the Senegalese woman isn’t just about the chicken. In fact, under her tutelage, Sedima actually diversified its portfolio.

In 2014, Ngom oversaw the company’s expansion into flour mills. Two years later, Ngom oversaw the company’s expansion into two new factories. Both expansions required an investment of nearly $30 million, which Ngom was able to secure without a problem.

According to Face2Face Africa, Ngom has also been able to secure millions of dollars in investments, to the point that her company is now worth more than $80 million (not bad for a small company that started with just her father and two baby chicks).

But Ngom, who has a master’s degree from a prestigious Paris, France university, got a hard lesson in business when she returned to Senegal upon completion of her studies.

“I was really convinced I was getting an office job,” she said. “I had an MBA, a master’s degree, I knew the business, was born with the chickens. What else he could ask for?”

Ultimately, though, Ngom wasn’t allowed to take over the business right away. Rather, her father made her prove herself by bringing the company into the 21st century. By combining modern technology and techniques with a unique Pan-African flavor, Sedima is now the largest poultry company in Africa.

Congratulations are in order to this amazing Senegalese woman!