If there’s nothing else that the GameStop stock drama taught us, it’s that the stock market is there for, literally, everyone to get a piece of, regardless of how much — or little — money they have.

For FinTech rock star Rosetta Bryson, however, investment in the stock market isn’t wise unless there’s sufficient education, and intent to build generational wealth, behind it.

“Thanks to recent events, of course, we’re under the impression that we can day-trade our way into riches,” she told AfroTech exclusively. “And, yes, that’s true. But for those of us that think in the long-term — in terms of generational wealth — there are other ways to get into the ‘game’ of the stock market, mutual funds, and other investments.”

Thus, Bryson created Simple Trader Pro. Unlike other apps, Simple Trader Pro prides itself on providing accessibility — specifically, by providing access to knowledgeable traders. Rather than casting people to the proverbial wind when it comes to investing, Bryson says that their staff of knowledgeable traders can provide insight on such things as tax liabilities, long-term investments, and fractional trades.

“Other apps are there to take your money,” said Bryson. “They leave you very much to your own devices — if you win, you win, and if you lose, oh well. But that’s not us. As a Black-owned and operated company, we understand that people are coming to us with the desire to make something better for themselves and their families and their communities — and it wouldn’t be right to leave our people to their own devices, especially if we can provide them with much-needed knowledge.”

The paradigm of Wall Street trading being only accessible to the wealthy and the “old money” types has been irrevocably shattered thanks to the GameStop roller coaster ride. However, other paradigms — such as living trusts, reduction of tax liabilities, and expanding the sector of generational wealth to include professional Black men and women — have yet to be shattered.

And while Rosetta Bryson makes it clear that one should always consult with both an attorney and an accountant before making any financial decisions, she hopes that her company inspires Black men and women to gain the knowledge to make those dreams a reality for the next generation.

“Ultimately, Simple Trader Pro’s goal is to expand the sector to include ‘us,'” said Bryson. “I love that we have the ability to do that. I love that we can give people the tools to no longer live paycheck-to-paycheck. This is the door that opens to other opportunities — opportunities that keep people off ‘the streets’ and puts them onto Wall Street, and beyond.”

Editorial note: Portions of this interview have been edited for clarity.