Black entrepreneurs are finding more innovative ways to provide financial support to the Black community while social distancing.

Black News reports, real estate entrepreneurs Lena Claybon and Kayela Ceron have found a way to exercise financial independence and encourage others to follow suit with their new website

On their website, which helps new investors get started in real estate investing, people can subscribe to their weekly newsletter to learn more about how they can be successful real estate investors.

“Rock the Real Estate was born out of our frustration with seeing so many people in our community suffering financially and not feeling they have any options other than a 9-5 job,” said co-Founder and CEO, Lena Claybon. “Right now, with so many unemployed because of COVID-19, that leaves them feeling they have NO options.”

Claybon, a house flipper, wholesaler, and landlord, has an optimistic view on Rock the Real Estate’s new online venture.

“Real estate investing isn’t for everyone. It takes dedication and a willingness to learn and put in the work,” she said.

While they’re not encouraging everyone to completely quit their jobs and pursue real estate full-time, they do want to give people the option to do so.

“There are some who just want to supplement their income and there are others who want to eventually replace their income so that they have the choice to work or not. Whatever your interest for wanting to learn the business, we want to be a catalyst for making it happen.”

While they’re starting with a free weekly newsletter via email, Rock the Real Estate eventually wants to pivot their venture into a full-fledge media/events company.

They plan to offer books, podcasts, webinars, and other media-related ventures as well as sponsor Meetups and networking events.

“What we hope to do with this platform is give people options,” Claybon said. “We don’t want to be just another newsletter or just another podcast. Our goal is to provide our subscribers with solid, actionable information on getting started, that they can go put into practice immediately, and, also, provide them with opportunities for networking and partnerships that will allow them to succeed in today’s real estate market.”

To subscribe to Rock the Real Estate, click here.