Celebrities have played a big role in coronavirus relief efforts. From Megan Thee Stallion, ASAP Ferg, and Diddy to Fat Joe, many have done their part on and offline to be a resource to the rebuilding of the community.

However, rapper Desiigner is taking on an active role in coronavirus relief to assist New York residents in managing rent payments.

The Grammy-nominated artist revealed in a virtual interview with Forbes that as a landlord of multiple New York properties, he is giving his tenants a break on paying rent amid COVID-19.

“Some people can’t afford rent right now and I have to hold that. How are you going to be able to live for the next couple months?,” he said to Forbes.

“You gotta take it easy on your tenants, be understanding of what’s possible right now. I have to take the hits because I also don’t want to see anybody on the street. I can help so I do.”

The pandemic especially hits home for the Brooklyn native, who has family members who also need resources to help stay afloat in some of the hardest neighborhoods hit by COVID-19.

Desiigner is currently working with United Way of New York City, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping low-income New Yorkers make ends meet and lead self-sufficient lives, because they’re paying attention to impoverished neighborhoods that are still being overlooked.

In response to COVID-19, they established a community fund to provide support to New York residents in need. With their broad network of over 600 community-based partners throughout the city, they are providing assistance to families to weather the crisis.

In his music video for his latest song “SURVIVOR,” Desiigner addresses the way the world looks after COVID-19 hits as he speaks about hope in our communities.

“This [pandemic] is something we’ve never experienced in our life before and we’re losing a lot of loved ones. We just gotta worry about holding it down. We got these great people on the frontlines. So I don’t want to make the world more worried, I want to be someone who puts a smile on your face and makes you feel good,” he told Forbes.

I tell my friends, “We’re all here for a purpose of elevation. None of us are here to be nothing.”