Quinta Brunson’s rise in entertainment continues to gain recognition.

According to a news release, the Philadelphia, PA, native is set to receive an honorary degree from the city’s Temple University. She will first be presented with the 2024 Lew Klein Excellence in the Media Award for her efforts to uplift underrepresented voices in entertainment on Tuesday, May 7, per CBS News.

During the commencement ceremony the following day, she will serve as the school’s commencement speaker and receive her honorary degree.

“I am simply honored,” Brunson said in the news release.

Temple President Richard M. Englert, shared in a statement: “We are thrilled to recognize Quinta Brunson for her remarkable achievements and unwavering dedication to her craft. Quinta embodies the spirit of Temple’s commitment to creativity, innovation and social impact. Her talent, authenticity and trailblazing spirit inspire us all.”

For Brunson, recognized for her successful ABC series “Abbott Elementary,” where she holds roles as executive producer, co-writer, and actor, this achievement represents a full circle. Before the fame, she attended Temple University’s Klein College as a first-year student. There, she immersed herself in Temple University Television (TUTV), a digital cable station, and showcased her comedic prowess by helping produce the variety show, “Temple Smash,” the press release mentions.

After one year at the university, Brunson would make her exit, following the closure of her major’s communications department, per The Root. Brunson turned her attention to the bright lights of Hollywood in hopes of establishing a comedic career, ESPN reports.

“It was very easy for me to make that decision. I was extremely optimistic,” she told the outlet. “I don’t think I understood how poor I would be. It was a rude awakening. I initially got a job at an Apple [Store] in L.A., and I used that job to transfer to the West Coast. It all seemed very logical and simple to me.”

Brunson began making funny Instagram videos and scored her first viral video thanks to a series she created, titled “The Girl Who’s Never Been on a Nice Date.” In the midst of her growing popularity, she landed at Buzzfeed, after she was invited by a friend who worked at its office to appear in a taste test video for $50, according to The Root.

In 2014, Brunson was hired on as a junior producer and would continue to build her portfolio at the company until 2018. She took on projects that include “Quinta Vs. Everything” on Facebook, and was featured in TV roles for “New Girl,” “iZombie,” “Miracle Workers,” and even became a voice actor for some animated shows.

A big break for Brunson would arise in 2019 when she starred in and wrote for “A Black Lady Sketch Show.” Two years later, Brunson landed a deal with ABC to launch “Abbott Elementary,” a show centered around teachers in the Philadelphia public school system, starring Brunson, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Tyler James Williams, Janelle James, and others.

Presently in its third season, the show has garnered various attention and collected numerous awards. In 2023, Brunson became the first Black woman to receive three Emmy nominations in the comedy category, 23-ABC reports. She ultimately took home the win for comedy series writing that year and secured another victory in 2024 at the prestigious award show for Outstanding Best Actress in a Comedy Series, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Brunson’s journey underscores a vital takeaway: her unwavering authenticity and dedication to fostering opportunities for others along her creative journey. Staying true to herself while shedding a light on the talents of her industry peers stands as the cornerstone of her success.

Her latest recognition at her alma mater underscores this fact.

Congrats Brunson!