Pretty Vee isn’t setting any limits for herself.

Born Vena Excell, the Miami native gained her fame from raw and uncut Instagram video skits that landed her on the cast of Nick Cannon’s “Wild N’ Out.” She is also a music artist who successfully released “Follow Me,” an energetic track that mirrors her over-the-top persona.

However, her latest career venture is no laughing matter. Earlier this month, she launched Pretty Vee Electronics exclusively available at Citi Trends.

Available in over 570 stores, Pretty Vee Electronics includes affordable wireless headphones, shower speakers, and earbuds. Each product comes in a variety of colors and is priced at or around $14.99.

“The reason I picked headphones is because I started out in radio,” Excell told Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club hosts of her new business. “I use headphones all the time and I was like, I need to have my own.”

Additionally, Excell owns Pretty Vee Beauty, a collection of makeup brushes, beauty blenders, and lashes. It’s another extension of who she is at her core.

“Everything I do with my brand, I just try to be organic with it. I’m in my own lane,” Excell said.

Excell’s partnership with Citi Trends began as a brand ambassador. Now, the stand-up comic gushes about having a seat at the table and boosting their consumer growth.

“The relationship we had was organic, and I see my numbers with them every time we do something,” she said. “As a kid, I went into Citi Trends and bought some things. That’s what we grew up on, so why not do it [with them]?”

With this tech venture now securely added to her entrepreneurial resume, Pretty Vee hopes fans and critics alike will get a better understanding of who she is as a businesswoman.

“When they see Pretty Vee, I want them to see fun. Just someone who worked hard from the ground up until now,” Excell said.