Pharrell Williams continues to better the world around him and his efforts were amplified during Something in the Water music festival.

Nature’s Escape

As AfroTech previously reported, five NAACP students received word their student loans would be paid off by Williams during a panel about the Black student debt crisis just hours ahead of the festival kickoff. Now, Williams has more up his sleeve to benefit the next generation of learners.

According to a press release shared with AfroTech, YELLOW — a nonprofit founded by Williams working to even the playing fields for all youth through education — partnered with STEM during the festival to launch Nature’s Escape.

“Our organization strives to empower, connect and enlist the community – and that begins and ends with access. The gracious contribution from STEM helps alleviate some barriers to learning and science education, all while showing our students how fun school can be,” explained Stacey Owsley, Executive Director of YELLOW, according to a press release.


STEM is a new lineup of insecticides and repellents with plant-derived ingredients launched by SC Johnson. Thanks to the newly cemented partnership, families can look forward to an interactive in-person and multi-sensorial learning experience, exploring the world of science and nature free of cost this summer. Participating cities include Nashville, Chicago, and Los Angeles. After completing the experience, those in attendance will receive STEM samples and a fun takeaway.

“STEM insecticides and repellents were created by our entomologists to provide a choice for the significant number of families who are looking for alternatives to conventional pest control products,” said Alan VanderMolen, Chief Communications Officer, SC Johnson, according to a press release. “We are grateful to partner with Pharrell and YELLOW who share our commitment to making the world a better place with greater opportunity.”


What’s more, STEM and YELLOW will distribute $1 million to Williams’ educational organization. The funding will spearhead the first micro-school, YELLOWHAB, along with more resources. Current plans in the works include a green roof immersive learning experience and garden beds designed to house activities like planting vegetation that will support biodiversity and create a circular food system for the community. In addition, the micro-school will host family and community workshops and vitalize classroom programming. The efforts advance a shared mission to ensure science is engaging and accessible for students.

“As a dad, I love to give my kids fun ways to cultivate their curiosity, which is a trait that has fueled my life as a creator, artist and advocate,” said Pharrell Williams, according to a press release. “Being a creator isn’t just about entertaining, but also about being a voice for the communities that are often underserved. We’re proud to be partnering with STEM to inspire learning and scientific discovery, and to fuel growth through equitable schooling and education. Knowing STEM shares this goal of encouraging both children and adults to build an affinity for science and nature, as well as providing kids with accessible learning opportunities, we found a way to deliver an immersive, educational experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family this summer.”