This nine-year-old’s story serves as a reminder that children are truly the future.

The inception of Paris Williams having her own foundation, the Paris Cares Foundation, came at the age of five after hearing her kindergarten teacher read “One Boy’s Magic,” by Cari Chadwick Deal, St Louis Today reports.

“In the book, a boy wanted to make a difference, and that was his superpower,” Williams told the outlet. “He gave a bag of food to someone experiencing homelessness, and I came home that day and I told my parents that I wanted to do that. I wanted to make a difference and a change.”

With the help of Williams’ mother, Alicia Suber, her desire to make a difference transformed into the Paris Cares Foundation, which has served 10,000 meals, and almost 5,000 care packages to St. Louis, MO natives facing homelessness, the outlet details.

Each goodie bag is designed with a vibrant picture and uplifting message courtesy of Williams.

“I support her, her family (supports her), we all support her,” Suber said. “We’re proud of her, and it’s just been very rewarding to see Paris in her natural element. I feel like she found her passion at a young age, and she is really pushing forward with (her) goal for her foundation and what her vision is for the foundation. We’re just trying to guide her and just kind of help her the best that we can to our knowledge with this.”

With four years of serving St. Louis, Williams hopes to take her foundation’s mission further outside of her local community.

“Most people probably think it’s hard work and kind of feels like a job, but it doesn’t feel like a job,” Williams said. “It just feels like something I choose to do. I just know I’m helping people and that just makes me happy. It doesn’t feel like the job because I really enjoyed it.”