The beauty industry is not exempt when it comes to diversity.

Due to consumers’ demand for more inclusivity stores are offering more brands to provide a more accurate reflection of their shoppers.

Retail company Nordstrom has announced the unveiling of its “An Inclusive Beauty” category for both in-store and online after the request for more Black-owned and founded brands.

“We heard from our customers that they are looking for Black founded brands as well as beauty products created for everyone’s needs no matter their skin or hair type, tone, complexion, or texture, said Autumne West, Nordstrom’s national beauty director, in an interview with BLACK ENTERPRISE. “We worked to broaden our assortment based on this customer feedback.”

Their new category has been able to propel numerous Black-owned businesses which include Afro-Dominican entrepreneur Lulu Cordero with Bomba Curls.

“They appreciated the fact that Bomba Curls is a brand on a mission to broaden the spectrum of beauty and also celebrate the beauty of our natural hair textures,” said Cordero in an email to BLACK ENTERPRISE. “ I am also extremely particular about the quality of our ingredients – Nordstorm loved the pride and attention to detail that goes into manufacturing our products. We were aligned on all levels.”

Cordero also expresses that the move into Nordstrom’s stores has not only elevated her brand but has also allowed more customers to try her products.

“The opportunity to work with Nordstrom has been a huge blessing for us,” said Cordero. “Our products are now accessible to customers across the country and new customers can discover us every time they set foot into stores.”

“I feel so proud that Bomba Curls is not only bringing representation to retail shelves but also showing that Black-owned brands also create stellar products and belong in retail.”

We can’t wait to head over to Nordstrom’s to get our hands on some Bomba Curls and all other black-owned businesses on their shelves!