New Media Ventures is looking to fund a new wave of activists and entrepreneurs tackling the biggest challenges facing our democracy.

The investment fund is now accepting pitches from mission-driven teams dedicated to building scalable solutions through movement work, technology, and media. Grants and investments range from $50,000 to $250,000.

“The last two years show the tremendous progress that’s possible when we work together, invest early, and bet big on innovation,” New Media Ventures said in a statement. “But we aren’t ready to rest. We know that progress doesn’t matter unless we build lasting power to win hearts, minds, and votes.”

New Media ventures has says it’s looking for companies that are working to answer these specific questions:

  • Shifting Power: How can tech and media help – from the census to redistricting to countering voter suppression?
  • Building Movements: How can innovation accelerate movements for racial, gender, economic, and environmental justice?
  • Changing Narratives: What’s the next chapter for media and messaging? How can new voices change the way we see the world?
  • Sparking Civic Engagement: How can technology help recruit and empower folks like never before – from voters to volunteers to candidates?

Participants will also have access to a network of advisors, donors, investors, and founders for support.

The deadline to submit a pitch is February 11. Apply today.