Networking marketing (also known as multi-level marketing or MLM) provides the opportunity for you to make real money — whether selling products you purchase or recruiting others to sell those products for which you receive residual income. By hitting specific sales and recruitment targets, you become eligible for additional incentives, including cash and other rewards. 

But not all network marketing opportunities are worth it. Some require hefty upfront expenses for products that aren’t in demand. Others have less generous-than-advertised rewards or lock you into lengthy contracts that can be near-impossible to break. You can’t just rely on their sales reps; you have to do your due diligence on each network marketing opportunity before you sign on the dotted line.

Start your search by checking out these three network marketing opportunities. Each benefit from a well-known brand and quality products which you can move with well-crafted sales pitches, a little flair, and a bit of hustle.


The largest global networking marketing company, Amway was also one of the first. It has a massive network of Amway distributors and benefits from selling a wide variety of products — from supplements to home products — that appeal to both men and women. Their compensation plan is a little complicated, but in simple terms, the commission on the products you sell increases with the volume of products you purchase (for personal use or resell). You also receive residual income from the sales of those you recruit.


Avon’s products are sold across the globe, and its distributors — known as Avon Representatives or Avon Ladies — have penetrated mainstream popular culture. The company, which makes billions of dollars, compensates its distributors quite well, depending on their achieving specific sales goals. Increased commissions begin when you sell $10,000 or more in a year; commissions increase at intervals until you hit $220,000 a year on sales. There is also residual income available from the sales of your recruits and performance bonuses based on how well your recruits sell Avon’s products.   

Mary Kay Cosmetics

One of the longest-lasting network marketing opportunities around, Mary Kay benefits from a widely known brand and a quality cosmetics line that’s attractive to consumers. You’ll make money when you sell the products you buy from Mary Kay — as much as 50% of what your selling price. You’ll also earn residual income based on the sales of those you recruit to be Mary Kay associates, which can range from 4%to 13%!