Financial literacy isn’t necessarily something that’s automatically taught in schools, but Chris Paul, other NBA stars and Goalsetter are hoping to change that.

In a press release, it was announced that Paul has joined forces with Harrison Barnes and Anthony Tulliver to release the “Drafted” initiative just in time for Black History Month.

“Black History Month is a reminder of the hundreds of years that Black people have been a labor force and a consumer class in America. This partnership is about learning from our history to create a strong future that prepares the next generation of Black and Brown kids to be savers and investors. Financial education is a necessary and critical component of creating an equal America,” Paul said in a statement.

The initiative, which is led by Goalsetter, will feature Paul “drafting” 100 kids from his Club 61 Leadership Alliance in North Carolina, before “passing the ball” to other NBA stars like Barnes, Tolliver, Baron Davis, and Jaylen Brown.


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Each of the players will then draft a minimum of 100 kids, who will each receive $40 for their savings accounts. The $40 is in reference to “40 acres and a mule,” a phrase that evokes the Federal government’s failure to redistribute land after the Civil War and the economic hardship that African Americans suffered as a result.

These NBA stars will then challenge other celebrities and activists to do the same. Each kid who participates will receive $40 in savings, a Goalsetter account, access to fun quizzes that teach financial literacy, and more.

“Our mission is to empower the youth of today to fulfill their dreams of tomorrow, and we couldn’t think of better partners to amplify the message of empowerment and achieving goals than these NBA players, who are leaders both on and off the court,” said Goalsetter founder & CEO Tanya Van Court in a press statement.“Every kid in America needs financial education to achieve success. Goalsetter’s smart banking app puts financial education front and center, and the NBPA’s players are bringing that financial education to families on their home courts all across the country.”

As revealed in a press release, the new campaign is supported by the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) along with its members, who are also on a mission to empower today’s youth in the form of financial literacy.

“Our players have already started engaging with Goalsetter and using it with their own families,” said Que Gaskins, Chief Brand & Innovation Officer at the NBPA, according to the release. “We are excited about this opportunity to support them and to work with Goalsetter to spark this movement around financial literacy for kids all over the country.”

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