Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) aren’t just for adults; they’re for the youth, too!

According to The Advocate, NFTs came to Mya Parker’s rescue as she started creating them while recovering from a torn ACL. What was initially a newfound hobby that focused on her interests in art and investing has transformed the 15-year-old into a full-blown businesswoman. The outlet reports that Parker has made more than $10,000 from selling her NFTs.

“I would never have had the time to do all this before I got hurt,” Parker said, according to the outlet.

So far, the young artist has reportedly created about 100 NFTs, which some have been marked as high as $140,000 on the NFT marketplace OpenSea.

“My art comes from two ways. Sometimes I have an experience and I create something from that experience, ”Parker expressed. “And sometimes, I doodle when I’m bored.”

She continued: “The key is to do a lot of different things when you are young and see what you are good at doing,” Mya said. “It does not matter what you are as long as your heart is good. You’ll find out what you are good at.”

The Kids Are The Future

Just like Parker, 12-year-old Nyla Hayes is another young NFT artist to have your eye on.

In an interview with TIMEPieces’ First Artist-In-Residence, she shared how passion drives her Long Neckie Collection that’s worth nearly $4 million.

“I thought it was so cool when I heard about the opportunity for doing a general art project because I never really heard about it before other than the apes,” Hayes said. “So, I thought that project was super cool and wanted to try my own. I basically looked up how to do it and got a team to develop and help me with the general project. After that, I was super stoked about it and how people actually liked it.”