When you don’t see what you need, there’s power in creating it yourself.

The lack of sunscreen catered to melanated skin has birthed brands such as Shontay Lundy’s Black Girl Sunscreen.

Dalaise Hickey has joined the movement by creating BabyDonna, a Black-owned mineral sunscreen for melanin-kissed kids, according to the Shelton Herald. 

Creating the company came after facing the challenge of finding a sunscreen that didn’t leave a white cast on her children’s skin, who have darker skin tones. It’s a tale as old as time within the Black community. However, the tiring search led the Connecticut mother of two to take matters into her own hands, starting her research during the pandemic.

BabyDonna is a sunscreen stick that works to easily apply a non-toxic, vegan formula on babies and children. Hickey describes launching the product as “a dream coming true.”

“As a parent, it’s challenging enough finding the right products for your children,” said Hickey, according to the outlet. “But when you add having to search for products that meet the unique needs of melanin-rich skin, it can be even more daunting.”

She added, “We’re on a mission to simplify this process for parents of color by offering an option with broad spectrum sun protection, that’s both pediatrician and dermatologist approved, but that doesn’t leave a thick white residue.” 

Five percent of the profit from Hickey’s sunscreen company will go toward nonprofits that support at-risk children in the foster care or juvenile justice system, the outlet details. The mission hits home for Hickey since she worked as a social worker with at-risk youth prior to becoming a businesswoman.

In the near future, Hickey hopes to create programs for her community, onboard at-risk youth as interns, and further educate Black people about skin cancer prevention.

“I love being able to show my daughter that she can realize her dreams,” Hickey said, according to the outlet. “As a social worker, I have always felt I was not doing enough. I wanted to find a way to give back. My goal is to protect children. That’s what’s driving me.”