Imagine riding a train with a belligerent white supremacist who is trying to derail it because there are black people onboard. Well, you don't really have to imagine it, because it actually happened.

Taylor Wilson, a Missouri neo-Nazi, pled guilty to a terrorism charge on Thursday in connection with his attempt to disable a train in order to "save it from black people." The disturbing incident occurred on October 23, 2017 and Wilson also had a handgun on his person. 

The Kansas City Star obtained court documents chronicling the incident. 

“I’m the conductor now, bitch!” Wilson screamed at the three train conductors as they tried to regain control of the train, which had 175 passengers onboard.

Some of the passengers became so afraid, they tried to escape the moving train through its windows. 

One of the deputies on the scene captured footage of the standoff with Wilson on bodycam. In the film, Wilson can be seen making shooting sounds at the deputy as well at one of the conductors restraining him. 

“I got a reason for doing what I’m doing. I stopped the f*cking train,” he allegedly told the deputy. 

“I was going to save the train from the black people,” he added.

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Investigators searching Wilson's home found typical white supremacist paraphernalia including Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf and a shield bearing a swastika. They also found a fully automatic machine gun, a short-barrel rifle and other guns. 

In court, the 26-year-old told the federal magistrate judge he took the frightening actions because he was tripping on acid.

"I was high," Wilson said, according to The Lincoln Journal Star; he reportedly told a cellmate, he "dropped acid" prior to loading his gun and entering the engine compartment. 

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Wilson pled guilty for threatening to “wreck, derail, and disable railroad on-track equipment and a mass transportation vehicle,” the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

Wilson is currently at Saline County jail and will face sentencing in October 2018.