Oakland-based tech training program Gameheads has teamed up with some notable partners to launch a game design certificate program at Cal State East Bay this spring.

According to a press release, the new program will be hosted through the university’s art and continuing education departments. In partnership with Unity, Oculus from Facebook and Niantic, East Bay’s game design certificate program specifically wants to attract students of color and low income students to participate.

“This certificate program is a game changer in breaking down barriers to the tech industry that our students have faced for too long, and it’s possible because of industry leaders like Oculus, Unity and Niantic,” said Gameheads Executive Director Damon Packwood in a statement. “We thank them for helping create true diversity in tech.”

Packwood said Gameheads has been committed to providing minority students with more tech education opportunities. This new program at East Bay will be co-taught by game design professionals and volunteers from the partner organizations. The program will launch with three key courses including introduction to augmented reality, introduction to virtual reality and introduction to unity. Students will design complete games, learn how to use augmented reality tech to create applications for iOS and Android and learn how to design, develop and deploy a virtual reality application.

Gameheads launched this partnership with the university as a continuation of its commitment to increase the number of Black students and other minorities  in the tech industry. To help with the financial aspect of that, the company will cover all course credit fees for students accepted into East Bay’s game design program.

Eligible students ages 15 to 25 can apply to participate in the program here.