Founder Tavia Green is extending her solution for natural hair to reach all women.

According to ESSENCE, Tavia launched a wig and extension brand that had already found success. However, the health of her natural hair was deteriorating. She decided to conjure her own formula in an effort to reverse the damage being done, but ultimately the product wouldn’t be perfected until a chemist entered the picture.

“She would be in the kitchen trying out different things, Googling product combinations all the time,” Thelbert, Tavia’s husband, told ESSENCE. “I joined in and together we went to mixing it, and it wasn’t exactly as we wanted it to be just yet. So we hired a chemist to step in.”

Climax Hair Care, the company the husband and wife founded, entered the market officially in 2020.


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The company’s products, described as “clean heat damage prevention,” include shampoo, conditioner, shining and silkening serum, and styling spray. They also are catered to women with kinky textured hair.

“Our brand speaks to the women who like to be versatile with their hair,” Tavia explained to ESSENCE. “I don’t think women are going to go back to relaxers because once you do, it’s impossible to revert back to your natural hair. I think the natural hair industry is going to continue to evolve as far as hairstyling techniques go, and the majority of the women who are going to remain natural will enjoy this freedom and versatility.”

The couple-turned-founders are seeing success behind their products, which are not only sold through Walmart’s online marketplace, but will soon be found in beauty supply stores in several states.

“Starting in early 2024, we’ll be sold in beauty supply stores in parts of Texas, Florida, and widely in Atlanta—we couldn’t be more excited,” Tavia said, according to ESSENCE. “I want to ensure that my products serve the purpose they’re supposed to.”