Public health has been the most talked about topic of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but today marks another important day for our health and development as we continue to battle the HIV epidemic.

World AIDS Day — held on the 1st of December every year — is a global health day that gives people the opportunity to unite in the fight against HIV worldwide and show their support.

For this year’s World AIDS Day, media personality, talk show host, and HIV advocate Johneri’O Scott is using his own story living with HIV to help break the stigma in the Black community through his new digital campaign, #IAMNOTHIV.

In this newly-launched campaign, Scott opens up about being diagnosed with HIV, challenges placed upon individuals living with HIV, and how he plans to educate communities in Georgia to help spread awareness about the virus.

“I want to get my story out there and let people know that nothing can get in your way and nothing can stop you,” he said. “I want to inspire, empower, and motivate people to live out loud and live with a purpose. Don’t wait until it’s too late to live your dreams.”

Scott — who has long since worked in media — has been able to use his digital platforms and status to inform those dealing with HIV on how to navigate their everyday lives.

The campaign — sponsored by nonprofit organization Until There’s A Cure®️ — is meant to fight on behalf of the 36.9 million people living with the virus who are struggling with how to push forward.

“I want people that have HIV to feel like it’s not a death sentence,” he shared.

After finding out his status as a post-graduate, Scott then launched his own talk show, “Let’s Talk with Johneri’O Scott,” in 2016 as a means to continue chasing his dreams.

Despite living with HIV, Scott has been able to nurture a fruitful career in the entertainment industry and become a leader in HIV advocacy working at AID Atlanta.

Scott’s campaign is both a revelation and call to action to encourage people to help stop the spread of HIV.

He hopes this digital campaign will urge people to get tested and know their status by contacting HIV foundations like, AHF, and others.

For more information about Scott and his #IAMNOTHIV campaign, click here.


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