McDonald’s seems desperate to hire workers, so now they’re offering previously unheard-of perks for potential employees.

Forbes is reporting that the fast-food franchise is now offering:

  • a pay wage increase
  • back-up emergency child-care
  • paid time off
  • tuition assistance and reimbursement

The outlet is reporting that McDonald’s, like other restaurants, has seen an exponential increase in worker demand in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. But unpleasant working conditions, low wages, and a fear of contracting the coronavirus have put many people off of working in the service industry.

In fact, in the wake of the pandemic, many fast-food and other service industry workers exited the field en masse, causing what is currently being called “The Great Resignation.”

With the new proposed perks, entry-level employees can also earn up to $17 an hour. For an employee in a managerial role, the pay would go up to $20 an hour. It’s unclear if these “perks” are temporary or permanent, but it seems highly unlikely that prospective employees would accept lower wages and poor treatment in exchange for working in a fast-food restaurant.

In a statement provided to Forbes, McDonald’s claimed that it has always offered paid time off, access to education, employee assistance, a 401(k) plan, and other rewards programs to “eligible employees.” They did not, however, specify what qualifies someone as an “eligible employee.”

But these workers aren’t the only ones negatively impacted by the pandemic.

According to Fast Company, while retail and service industries are most greatly impacted by The Great Resignation, manufacturing, technology, and healthcare industries are also being negatively impacted by the move. Employee burnout, salary concerns, and intolerable working conditions are all being blamed for the employee exodus, and experts are suggesting that managers take a pre-emptive approach to addressing these concerns before the “rot” within the company reaches a critical mass.