Percy Miller — better known as “Master P” — sets a strong example for Black entrepreneurs to follow. His legacy as a businessman has always stressed the importance of Black ownership — preaching about how our community should support Black-owned businesses and build our own independent brands.

This week he made another stake for Black businesses promoting his new ramen noodles product, Rap Noodles, with a viral video.

In the video, Miller says “I want to ask ya’ll one thing: Who owns Ramen Noodles? Do ya’ll know? Probably don’t,” as he juxtaposes multi-million dollar company Maruchan Ramen Noodle Soup. “This guy comes over to this country and made a trillion-dollar business,” he added.

Miller is only interested in progressing the Black community by pushing his businesses which include his ramen noodles brand sold in chain stores all across the country.

“You have to be committed to what you do. Everybody thinks it’s about the money. Nobody really gave me anything, but, I was committed to what I believed in,” Miller said in an interview with Black Enterprise.

Rappers E-40 and Boosie even posted their featured flavors as brand ambassadors to help promote the product.

Social media rallied behind Miller after the video circulated to Twitter. Fans of his work went as far as to list his accomplishments of owning a music and entertainment company, clothing/sneaker line, food brands — plus previously launching a cable network and playing in the NBA in the late 90s.

One user saluted the hip hop legend and all of his accomplishments saying “Master P’s marketing movement, entrepreneurship, and success will be studied for years.”

Some users even called for a documentary to be made on Miller’s life.

Miller’s leadership and sacrifice are a vision of business success from a millionaire mindset. His mission of creating generational wealth is the kind of positive representation the Black community needs, especially at a time like this.

If you need some tips on how to switch into a focused business mindset, follow Miller’s advice as provided by Black Enterprise:

  • Never do a deal when you’re desperate.

  • Know your worth.

  • A lot of people are loyal to things, but being committed, having faith, and a vision is what’s going to get you to your dreams and help you reach your goals.

  • Celebrate other people’s success.

  • If you have a vision that you are committed to you will be successful.