Master P never shies away from speaking his mind, especially when it pertains to the advancement of the Black community.

While his rise as a mogul fails to cease, the prolific businessman envisions even greater success — not just for himself but for fellow boss men and women. 

Here’s the thing: He believes it’ll take the power of everyone coming together on one accord.

In an interview, Master P expressed his desire for Black people to believe in the innovative ideas of Black business owners in the same way support was shown for Elon Musk’s Tesla.

Master P On Supporting Black Innovators

“Let me go take [a business] public, and make some real money,” Master P told Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings, according to REVOLT. “Because that’s how Elon Musk was able to make all of these cars – he was in the struggle like anybody else. So, think about it – we believed in Tesla and were like, ‘This is gonna blow up, let me put some money into it.’ Why can’t we do that? But we have to change the narrative, start believing in each other, and trust the process, and let us grow these brands.”

The bigger picture: In Master P’s eyes, the bigger picture at hand is for people to support building big Black-owned brands. In turn, he believes it will ultimately pour into the community.

As previously reported by AfroTech, he has been launching various ventures that give back to the community, such as:

The Mogul's Thoughts On The Power Of Possession

“When you look at our culture, we don’t own anything and we don’t control anything,” he told AfroTech in a previous interview. “So, we can’t build economic empowerment. Then, we wait on other cultures and other people to help us and we’re not able to put money back into the community. We don’t control where the money goes. For me, that control is so important. That’s the only way that we can grow as a culture and we can build generational wealth for us.”