Entrepreneur Marcus Gram risked it all to find success. And, fortunately, it paid off.


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As AfroTech just told you, Gram is making a major splash in the vending business industry through Joyner Vending. Before stepping into the industry, he was earning $30,000 per year as a music producer.

Now, his vending machine business is projected to bring in $500,000 this year alone, thanks to 23 vending machines across seven states including Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Michigan.

And, it all started with a spirit of determination to beat the odds to give himself and his family a better life.

“I just told myself, the worst thing that could happen is I could go right back to where I spent my whole life, which is in poverty, but if I win, I will be able to change my life and my family’s life forever. So, it was a no-brainer for me. I was willing to lose everything to try to be successful,” Gram told AfroTech in an exclusive interview.

Gram continues to secure more and more victories bringing him closer to his desires to ensure his family will be set for life.


Most recently, Gram revealed on Twitter a company had reached out to Joyner Vending as they were looking to place 10 to 16 vending machines in college dorms.

“I got the call I’ve been wanting,” Gram said via Twitter. “A college wants my company to place vending machines on their campus. 10-16 machines in their dorms. I’m really about to retire in like a year.”


Nearly two weeks after the initial call, Gram officially locked in the deal.

Within the next 30 days, eight to 16 vending machines will be placed at a Pennsylvania university. Before this deal, Gram revealed the most vending machines he had placed under a contract had been four.

This win will help to support his sister, who manages and maintains the business across Delaware, Philadelphia, and New Jersey.

As for himself, Gram still hopes to retire, but that won’t happen until he retires his mother first.

“This is less important for me and more important for the people I love. My big sister, I’m just excited about being able to pay her even more. My goal this next year is to pay her six figures. Then, just creating even more opportunities for people in my family. Primarily my goal is to retire my mother before I even retire myself,” Gram said to AfroTech.