A young Malawian inventor has taken matters into his own hands to support his community.

VOA Africa reports that Ernest Andrew sparked electricity in his village through an air-powered generator that he created. Andrew claims that what he’s innovated doesn’t require fuel, oil, or batteries.

“After realizing that we were facing a lot of problems without using electricity, I thought of trying to make electricity,” Ernest told the outlet. “Now, here we are.”

According to Andrew, his generator creates 1,000 volts of electricity and has helped to power nine homes. He aims to build out capacity to connect his entire village as well as a nearby primary school.

“This system generates electricity using air. To make a lightbulb illuminate, I use power stored in bottles,” he explained. “I experiment with magnetic power to determine how much electricity I can produce. After that, I generate power based on the number of houses I want to supply.”

The outlet shares that Andrew’s generator has been met with skepticism from experts about how exactly it’s powered by air. However, there have also been people, once doubtful of his creation, who have had a change of heart.

“I was among those who were doubting his ability to generate electricity, which we can use in our homes, but when I saw that he had managed to connect his parents’ house that’s when I asked him to connect my house too,” said Mary Phiri, a neighbor of Andrew. “Now, life is simple.”

In addition, leaders such as Minister of Energy Ibrahim Matola have voiced their support of Andrew’s generator, as it provides access to electricity and leads with “affordability” and “sustainability.”

Although Andrew has explored innovation, the outlet notes that he dropped out of school in 2018 because he was unable to cover school fees. His mother, Evelyn Chinguwo, hopes that people who see his vision and natural talent will help him further his education and creativity.

Already, Mercy Mpakule, director of planning and development, shares that the lower district has donated training and supplies to make sure Andrew is able to work safely. Additionally, the Malawi government has offered expertise to assist him in whatever way he needs.