When Laura Ingraham of Fox News recommended that LeBron James “shut up and dribble,” she exposed how some see our heroes.

This limiting and toxic viewpoint is why Marshawn Lynch’s support of StreetCode Academy is so relevant. Marshawn is more than a legendary athlete, he is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and advocate for empowering and educating our youth.

On Monday, Feb. 26, BeastMode himself, made a surprise visit to StreetCode, an EPA-based organization that provides free classes in technology. He received a rock-star welcome as he engaged with students building iOS and blockchain applications, electronic speakers, and more.

In celebration of his appearance, the day was entitled, BeastCode – a merge of BeastMode and StreetCode’s vision to build a generation of innovators who will create solutions for East Palo Alto, Oakland, and other underserved communities.

“It’s really not about what he does on the field . . . it’s about his selflessness and how much he cares,” says Khristopher “Squint” Sandifer, who is a founding member of BeastMode Productions, as well as StreetCode Academy.

Additional support was given by Fam 1st Family Foundation, Marshawn’s Oakland-based non-profit, and Trillicon Valley, a collective focused on linking diversity, youth culture and the tech sector.

Collective efforts like these will unlock the potential that technology offers so that Laura Ingraham will realize our truth.

We are more than athletes. We are coders. We are entrepreneurs. We are designers.

We are the future.