Investing in one’s self has played a significant role in the success stories we hear today, and it’s no different for Lil Baby.

Lil Baby's First Booked Show

Before becoming a star and bringing in six figures for shows, the rapper came from humble beginnings at the start of his music career.

For Lil Baby’s first show, he revealed that he actually didn’t make a profit.

“My first show was for like $750,” he told Speedy Morman. “I had a little buzz on rapping. So, somebody just tried it out for $750,” he added. “I came and ended up probably having to pay $2,000 for everybody to get in.”

All A Part Of The Game

While the show ended up being a slight monetary loss, Lil Baby understood that it’s what comes with the game.

“You’re not gonna make money off of every play,” he said. “Or, if you think that, you ain’t gonna be too successful. You got to know sometimes you not gonna make nothing.”

Following his first paid show, he also did a few free shows to get his name out there.

“I went on like a promo run one time with Bigga Rankin then I quit. I quit like halfway. I didn’t want to do that anymore. So, I stopped doing it. I might have did one or two [free shows] because now that I think of it, I was demanding money off top.”

How Much Does Lil Baby Make Per Show Today?

According to an interview from 2020, Lil Baby makes $400,000 per show.


Lil Baby’s net worth: As reported by AfroTech, he initially didn’t want to be a rapper but has clearly amassed a fortune from his career. However, in a new track called “Danger” off of his album, “It’s Only Me,” he sets the record straight about his net worth.

“Tryna count my pockets, my net worth ain’t on no d-mn Google,” he said.