A tragedy hitting close to home guided Lasenta Lewis-Ellis to assist in problem-solving for others.

Lewis-Ellis is the president and CEO of LLE Construction Group, LLC.

According to WACH, an affiliate of ABC, the push for going to college and starting her own construction company back in 2011 came after the hardship her late mother experienced with having their home foreclosed. Although Lewis-Ellis wasn’t able to build her mother a home due to her passing, she has helped make it happen for families in Columbia, SC.

“When I meet with other business owners who are considering what to do in business, I tell them to think about what’s your expertise,” Lewis-Ellis told WLTX, an affiliate of ABC, earlier this year. “What is it that you can do to help potential clients or those who need your services? How can you take that into a business?”

She continued, “And that’s how LLE was started. I figured out what problem I can solve for clients. And, it was managing their projects or helping them maintain their buildings, and it turned into LLE Construction Group.”

After going from once being unemployed and a single mother to running her business, Ellis hopes her story can serve as an inspiration for others to keep pushing.

“I used to be a single parent, I grew up on housing, I grew up on food stamps, and now I’m running a million-dollar company, ” Ellis said, according to the outlet. “I share that because I don’t want people to think that there are limitations, that you can get wherever you strive to go. You just have to come up with a plan of action.”

In addition to supporting small, women, and minority contractors at LLE Construction Group, LLC., Ellis mentors students, women, and business owners, the outlet notes. She aims for the revenue from her company to open up doors of access to more resources in her community.