Money isn’t everything, and that mindset helped return two championship rings to former Los Angeles Lakers player Lamar Odom.

Championship Rings Sold For $114,000

During his podcast — On the LO — Odom revealed he sold both of his rings, which he earned alongside the late Kobe Bryant while on the Lakers team in 2009 and 2010 for $36,600 and $78,000.

Being that winning an NBA championship is not an easy feat, many might question why a professional player on one of the greatest teams of all time would be compelled to sell their ring for a mere six figures.

Rings sold to cover medical costs: Odom explains the rings were auctioned off in 2020 as he was looking for ways to pay off the medical bills that piled up after a near-death experience stemming from a drug overdose.

“There was a time when I came out the coma, I check my account and my sh-t was at like double zero and I panicked a little bit. You know I’m Lammy, first Black Kardashian, people always use to seeing me up. Got a lot of friends in really high places and I wish I would have used them at this time but you know I just got out of the comma so my mind wasn’t really in the right place and I put ’em up for auction. It hurts me just to even say,” Odom said during the podcast.

Years then flew by, and Odom got in contact with the Los Angeles Lakers and attended their home opener against the Clippers on Oct. 20. Odom then runs into a fan, who he recalls seeing at former games, who shares he had not only purchased his rings but he would gift them back to him free of charge.

“He was like, ‘Yo, just come pick them up,’” Odom said. “I pulled up on him, and he gave me my sh-t back for nothing.”