La La Anthony pulled a rare collectible that will go toward making her son’s birthday extra special.

Anthony visited New Jersey, where she joined Ken Goldin, Founder and Executive Chairman at Goldin, to unbox the 2021-22 Upper Deck Marvel Spider-Man set.

When she pulled one card in particular, her eyes shot wide open. Dismay and excitement were the emotions visible when she uncovered the Purple Light FX Miles Morales card.

“It’s never happened before. Ever. How did it happen,” Anthony said in shock.

For context, it was revealed the Morales card could easily sell for over $100,000. Furthermore, it was also said she had just uncovered the second most expensive card in the 2021-2011 Upper Deck Marvel Spider-Man set.

Odds Were 1-in-602,400

The odds of landing on this card were 1-in-602,400.

Out of 52,000 boxes, only two of these one-of-one cards were in existence.

“There’s 52,000 boxes and there’s only two one-of-one Miles Morales and I just pulled one. Like do the math on that so you understand how crazy and how this never happens,” Anthony said.

“The fact that La La pulled this one-of-a-kind card featuring Miles – an inspiration and hero that so many people look up to – is really marvelous,” Goldin said, according to TMZ. “This was the first one-of-one card I’ve ever pulled in my more than 40 years of collecting, too which made it even more special!”

Birthday Gift Of A Lifetime

Now, the valuable card will be a gift to Anthony’s son, Kiyan, a devoted Marvel and superhero card collector. Anthony understood the importance of this card, as she often participates with her son in his hobby.

“Breaking boxes with my son Kiyan is the highlight of the hobby for me,” La La said, according to TMZ. “I love understanding a world he’s a part of and enjoys so much. I was so excited to bring home this incredibly rare card to him, it’s truly a gift of a lifetime.”