In 2020, Yve-Car Momperousse and Stéphane Jean-Baptiste represented Haiti on national television.

The wedded couple and co-founders of Kreyol Essence made an appearance on season 11 of “Shark Tank,” according to The List. The eco-friendly beauty brand sells products made with pure Haitian Black Castor oil that promotes hair growth, healthy skin, and more.

Momperousse and Jean-Baptiste came on the show seeking $400,000 for 10% of Kreyol Essence. The request followed their success of raking in $135,000 in 2014 and $1 million by 2018. However, the company also faced setbacks such as losing its biggest buyer in 2016. Not only did the company almost shut down, but they also ended up being $300,000 in debt.

After relentless negotiation, Momperousse and Jean-Baptiste walked away with a deal from Kevin O’Leary of $400,000 for 25 cents in perpetuity and 5% in equity.

The co-founders’ fight paid off as Kreyol Essence’s sales spiked around 50% and they started selling in Ulta, Amazon, JCPenney, Sprouts Farmers Market, and more.

In an interview with Travel Noire, Momperousse shared how the mission of the business was to help Haiti’s economy and the community, especially the women. 

“Women are the backbone of Haiti and as a Haitian-owned social business, I understand that every social issue starts with financial problems, therefore we focus on the root to get to the heart of changing lives,” Momperousse told Travel Noire in 2022.

I know what poverty looks like and that’s what fuels my obsession with economic development and empowering women because I know that every purchase of Kreyol Essence products helps change a family’s life,” she continued. “Even while being victims of gender-based violence, I want to bring hope to women, which is why 90% of the Kreyol Essence staff are women.”

In 2023, a report from Inc. Magazine showed that Kreyol Essence has grown 529% in three years.