Comedic sensation Kevin Hart surprised actress Taraji P. Henson with a charitable donation of $100,000 for her nonprofit organization, Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation.

In the newest first look for Kevin Hart’s series “Hart to Heart” on Peacock, Henson reveals the foundation was launched due to her initial struggles of finding a therapist. Aware of her advantage Henson shares, “I started it because I knew that I was having an issue trying to find a therapist. I am privileged, I have money. Imagine all the people of color that can’t.”

Founded in 2018, the foundation is on a mission to ensure the Black community will have access to trusted mental health resources nationwide and continue to fight the stigmas surrounding mental health. Due to a history of systemic oppression and mistrust in the medical system, millions within the Black community have learned to cope with trauma. 

“The strength is in vulnerability. The strength is in saying I’m not okay today. That’s the strength. The danger is trying to push through. The danger is continuing to cope with all of this compounded trauma that we have ensued and continued to endure,” Henson shares in her latest interview. 

Kevin Hart and Henson are longtime friends due to featured works in romantic comedies “Not Easily Broken” and “Think Like a Man.”

Henson jokingly revealed she never received the $100,000 Hart promised her during a call. 

“You know you never made that donation, but we’ll get back to that,” she said. Kevin responds, “Taraji, how much did I say I was going to give you?” Henson shouts and looks to the camera,” 100,000! Why would you ask?” After a few more jabs from the actress, Hart responds, “Taraji, whatever you need from me, you got it.”

Hart has a history of generous contributions, launching the Help From Heart Charity to support his community. According to a BBC report, the Hollywood actor placed a donation of $600,000 in 2018 awarding 18 students scholarships to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). 

Henson’s foundation also helps to aid students by eradicating racial bias in the school system, recently completing a six-week program called the Unspoken Curriculum according to a report from People. Hart’s donation will advance Henson’s mission to eradicate mental stigma in the Black community, and aid in their mission to reduce prison recidivism.