Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster has even more to celebrate outside of a Super Bowl win.


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According to Business Insider, Smith-Schuster learned he would receive a bonus valued at $1 million for the Super Bowl LVII victory. During a sit-down interview with the NFL Network, he first found out about the news on national television.

Smith-Schuster is signed to a one-year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs that will compensate him around $1 million. The outlet also reports the football player also earned a $1.5 million signing bonus.

Incentives: His ultimate payout came from two additional incentives which were earned when his team won the AFC Championship and he played in 50 percent of the offensive snaps. In addition to those two checkpoints, the Kansas City Chiefs securing the Super Bowl win and Smith-Schuster playing in 50 percent of the game’s offensive snaps is what brought home the extra income for him.

All in all, Smith-Schuster has doubled his salary due to checking off the listed milestones while also accomplishing what he set out to do while on the team, which was to earn the gleaming Lombardi trophy.

“I’m not going to cry right now, but probably when I get home or in the locker room I’ll cry,” Smith-Schuster said, according to KHSB 41. “Honestly, it’s just crazy to come here and play on a one-year deal to chase a Super Bowl ring. I just thank all my coaches and my teammates and everyone around me for making this possible, and obviously the man above.”

Looking ahead, Smith-Schuster will become a free agent once again. Before his time with the Kansas City Chiefs, he spent his first five seasons in the NFL on the Pittsburgh Steelers until he experienced a shoulder injury in 2021. He did return just in time for the 2021 playoffs.