Google’s Chief Diversity Officer Melonie D. Parker has been appointed to Kanarys, Inc.’s board of directors.

Kanarys, led by Co-founder and CEO Mandy Price, is a technology company dedicated to transforming the workforce by providing tools to address diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) obstacles within an organization.

According to a news release, as a newly-appointed member of Kanarys’ board, Parker brings expertise spanning three decades dedicated to diversity and inclusion. At Google, she’s worked toward diversifying their workforce as well “fostering diversity amongst emerging entrepreneurs.”

Prior to her position with the big tech company, she boasted the title of vice president of human resources and communications at Sandia National Laboratories, a first for a Black woman. Parker also worked for 17 years at Lockheed Martin, operating in various leadership roles.

As a member of Kanarys’ board, Parker will have another opportunity to carry forth her mission of equity across the workforce.

“As someone who has dedicated my career to fostering inclusion and empowering workplaces, I look forward to working with Kanarys to drive DEIB impact across industries on a global scale,” said Parker in a news release. “With data being key to sustaining DEIB progress and commitment, Kanarys has set the standard in creating measurable DEIB solutions, by harnessing its data-driven approach to building a more equitable future for all workplaces.”

“At Kanarys, our work is centered around the significance of a data-driven DEIB strategy because it enables organizations to identify and address systemic inequities, foster inclusive workplace environments, and drive meaningful change,” Price said. “With her expertise in leveraging data to propel Google’s employee engagement strategy within DEIB, Melonie Parker brings invaluable experience and knowledge to our team. Under her expert guidance, we will further Kanarys’ innovative data-driven platform and provide the framework that companies need to deliver comprehensive DEIB strategies that truly cultivate inclusive workplaces.”