It wasn’t just the holiday season that had K. Michelle in good spirits. The R&B and country singer revealed she now has ownership of her masters.

She took to Instagram to reveal what she is describing as her “Independence Day.”

“I’m baking sweet potatoe pies tonight, but first let me play in this camera with my new hair color and celebrate my INDEPENDENCE day,” K. Michelle wrote on Instagram. “I officially own MYSELF and all my upcoming music rights. I can now put out music anytime and place I want and OWN it! I look good and feel good…Celebrate every win in your life.”


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In light of the news, K. Michelle hints that now her music can release on her terms. Up to this point, the singer says she was unable to make money from her “gifts.”

“I had to look at that the other day ‘It’s not that you don’t like music, K. You don’t like the industry. You don’t do well with it. You do great in the studio. You do great on stage, but you don’t do great in no other part,’” K. Michelle told The Shade Room.

She added, “I’ve never owned anything. I’ve never got no money from none of my gifts.”

Now, it appears K. Michelle can turn a new leaf in her journey as an independent artist who has centered country music over the last few years. This follows after parting ways with Atlantic Records in 2019. However, she still maintains a good relationship with the label, according to The Tennessean.

“Basically, I was told that going into R&B was the only route, or at least the easiest route,” she told People. “So, that’s what I did. But there was always this little piece of loneliness and a sadness in me because I couldn’t do what I know I was supposed to do.”

She added, “Country music is who I am.”