While much ado has been made about the US Space Force — and not all of it has been good — Judah Officer has made history by becoming a part of it.

According to Fox 59 Indiana, the aptly-named Officer — a native of Indiananapolis’s East Side — said that enlisting in the Space Force fulfills a dream he’s had his whole life.

“I feel like being the first African American applicant in Indianapolis, and Indiana perhaps, is like really, really big,” Judah Officer said to the Fox affiliate. “I just can’t get the words for it. It feels really great to be able to do it and be able to represent myself, my family, and the people that support me.”

According Fox 59 Indiana, the purpose of the US Space Force — which was formed during the Trump regime — is to secure and protect space. It plans on enlisting nearly 400 recruits in this fiscal year. While there’s no shortage of snark about the newly-formed branch of the American armed forces, it’s part of the Department of the Air Force, and it’s a civilian-led military department within the Department of Defense.

“It really focuses a lot on the communication systems, things as small as the satellites in the air and being able to have space operators that track those, as well as be able to use those satellites to maintain communication anywhere in the world,” MSgt. Joseph Saucier said, reports Fox 59. “Be able to track weather systems for aircraft, and things along those lines. Be able to monitor any potential threats to the US homeland or our allies.”

Judah Officer is currently training for about two months in San Antonio, TX. From there, he will go off for additional training to Biloxi, Mississippi.