Black haircare has proven to be a billion-dollar industry for years with more and more Black businesses prioritizing products and services catering to all hair types.

Sunday II Sunday — an award-winning Black-owned luxury haircare brand — is one of those businesses that’s helping to address Black women’s biggest hair problems, with the help of some big investors.

The recently launched brand — founded by Keenan Beasley of Infinite Looks, Inc. — has caught the attention of Johnson & Johnson, the world’s biggest healthcare company, to invest a reported “seven figure sum,” according to Global Cosmetics News.

Black Enterprise reports Sunday II Sunday has announced a seed financing round that will include funds from both Johnson & Johnson Innovation Studio and Ignite Venture Studio.

According to Elizabeth Wu — Consumer External Innovation & Transactions Manager at Johnson & Johnson — the healthcare company predicts its investment will address “an unmet need in the multicultural hair care space” and support Black entrepreneurship.

“Our goal is to accelerate solutions that have the potential to make a transformational impact on the health and wellbeing of people around the world,” Wu told CNN Business. “Our investment in Infinite Looks aligns with our overall strategy to fuel innovative healthcare products and solutions around the world.”

According to Beasley, funding from the brand’s seed round will go toward helping the company expand its product collection and overall operations.

“These contributions have helped us develop best-in-class products and establish an amazing team,” he told Black Enterprise. “From the quality of our ingredients to ensuring we have proper inventory to consistently meet the demands of our consumer base. Moving forward, I will continue to invest in innovation and marketing.”

Beasley’s idea to create Sunday II Sunday was inspired by information he stumbled upon about active Black women and buying choices for hair care products.

“I saw a stat that 40% of Black women weren’t working out because of their hair, and that changed everything for me,” he said in an email interview.

“The fact that a huge population of women was compromising on both their health and enjoyment because of their hair was simply something I had to help solve,” he shared. “Growing up, the women in my life were so active and truly inspired me each and every day—my mom and niece are swimmers, and my sister was a track and cheerleading athlete.”

Beasley’s mission for Sunday II Sunday and its products is to help Black women live freely without worrying about the burden of hair concerns.

“I truly feel that nothing should hold anyone back from living their life to the fullest,” he said to Black Enterprise. “We believe life is an adventure, and she shouldn’t have to compromise because of her hair.”