Jimmy Butler is about to heat things up this summer with a new partnership.

Good Morning America reports that the NBA star has joined forces with ice cream company Van Leeuwen to bring new life to Big Face Coffee — his coffee brand.

Big Face Coffee Affogato

With the collaboration, Butler is expanding on his passion by taking his coffee flavor to another level. Now, ice cream lovers will be able to taste what the coffee connoisseur has brewed up. 

“Van Leeuwen as a whole is about bringing the best products to people and I want to follow suit and be just like that, so this made all the sense in the world to me,” the Miami Heat player shared, according to the outlet.

For the limited-edition ice cream, it’s an affogato flavor — cold brew ice cream swirled with milk-flavored ice cream.

“Jimmy and I met in November and within minutes I said, ‘Wow, this guy’s serious about coffee.’ Then I tasted the coffee and said they’ve got really good products,” Van Leeuwen co-founder Ben Van Leeuwen said.

Currently, there isn’t a plant-based version of the new ice cream flavor, but it may be in the cards as Butler aims to please everyone, per the outlet.

Where To Find The Limited-Time Flavor

The limited-edition Big Face Coffee Affogato flavor will be available for customers to try until Sept. 15 at all Van Leeuwen locations including New York, New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Jimmy Butler's Passion Turned Venture

Butler’s business officially launched back in 2021.

As previously reported by AfroTech, his vision for it first began when he created his own coffee when the NBA was in the Bubble in 2020.

“The reasoning behind [the name Big Face Coffee] was when we first got into the Bubble during the pandemic, I remember opening up our per diem and it was like $2,080 in there. Basically 20 $100 bills and four $20 bills,” Jimmy Butler told People. 

He continued: “So I’m thinking, okay, if I charge $20 for a cup, all I got to do is get somebody for a good cup of coffee. You’re going to run out of $20 and they’re going to come back with these $100 bills, a.k.a big faces. Whenever they hand me the hundred, I’m going to be like, ‘Whoops, sorry. I don’t have change. Thank you for paying a hundred dollars for a cup of coffee.’ Never really worked that way but the idea was genius.”