After finding success in the music business, Jim Jones transitioned into also building Vampire Life (VL) Records to develop upcoming artists.

The record label works to provide distribution opportunities, artist development, and coaching, according to its website. In addition, it’s said to be in partnership with Empire Records.

“Vampire Life now provides independent musicians with an easy and accessible option to distribute music to all the digital platforms,” VL Records’ website reads. “Distributing your music can be a tedious and time-consuming process and we understand that artists have a lot on their plate already. By distributing your music through VL Records, rest assured that all team members from VL work in conjunction with Empire’s Content Team to ensure a quick and seamless process.”

In February 2024, Jones has given an update on how he wants to further support his label’s artists.

The Dipset rapper shared in an Instagram post that he is seeking health insurance vendors to help his artists obtain benefits. His request comes after his claim that he is helping the artists boost their credit scores.

“I got all my artists’ credit being fixed and establishing that whole side of that, which I know a lot of artists really don’t even have credit,” Jones said in a video.

He added, “I would like to get each of my artists that’s signed to VL [Records] an opportunity to have some health insurance because a lot of people don’t have health insurance and in these times where everybody’s getting sick and so much things going on, this is something I would like to do for my artists.”


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In the video’s Instagram caption, Jones explained that his efforts are to help his artist roster “build a solid foundation in life, not just this music industry.”

“I know record labels don’t do none of this type of sh—t for any of their artists that they do business with,” he said. “They ain’t gon’ help you with your credit. They not gon’ give you no health insurance. There ain’t no pension. There ain’t no 401k. So I’m trying to fill in the gaps for my artists just as these Fortune 500 companies do for their employees and have some benefits that they could take with them.”

Jones’ health insurance plan for his label isn’t his first instance of looking to assist his people. As previously shared by AFROTECH, he is an advocate for teaching financial literacy to the youth with the help of his “Mining Diamonds” podcast.

“I didn’t have any mentorship in that area as a kid,” Jones said, according to HipHopDX.  “All I knew was money is what I needed to get what I want, and I used to hustle and bustle to get some money. It’s very important for people to be financially literate and at least understand what a dollar can do and how to make a dollar because we didn’t have that coming up.”