Jim Jones isn’t just certified in the game of Hip-Hop.

During the rapper’s event in Florida for Capo Coin, his own cryptocurrency, he saved his friend and photographer, Jerry Flete, Inside Edition reports.

Life Threatening Encounter

While taking a work break, Flete began to start choking and collapsed.

“He couldn’t breathe, and his eyes was going back in his head, and he was catching a bit of a seizure,” Jones told the outlet. “I actually didn’t know what was going on. Kind of scared me.”

The moment of danger happened in a flash where Jones had to tap into fight or flight.

Jim Jones Saves The Day

Jones quickly came to the rescue by performing CPR. According to Flete, his friend and now hero saved his life and is “here today because of Jim.”

Thanks to Jones’ CPR classes at the age of 12, he was able to turn the lessons learned into full action mode.

“When I was younger, I had to take these classes for CPR and all that type of things for my little sister who has a heart condition,” he shared. “They needed the whole family to take these special classes before she came home when she was a baby.”

He continued: “I think all those classes stuck with me all the way to this day because I remember everything vividly they told me to do in certain situations. I got over there. I just was as frantic and confused as everybody else at first. And then something just jumped in me like, get to it. It gave him life again.”

Capo Coin

Prior to his recent event, Capo Coin became minted in partnership with Zaptheory, a platform for creators on the blockchain, in 2021. Since its release, Jones has been teaching people how to enter the space and get invested in his digital coin.

“Cryptocurrency is the next thing up for people to get rich and create wealth,” Jones told The Breakfast Club.