Who wouldn’t want to talk to Issa Rae? If that was ever your wish, it’s now Google’s command with Google Assistant. Issa took to her Twitter account and announced that she will be the new voice of Google Assistant and gave us a taste of what we can expect.

Here are seven questions, straight from Google, that you can ask Issa Rae as your new Google Assistant by saying, “Hey Google…”

“How do I look?” or “Mirror Talk”

It’s like being in an episode of “Insecure,” but instead of yelling at the TV screen, you can have a “mirror talk” with Issa. Issa’s hilarious talks in front of her bathroom mirror come to life with one Google command. Just say “Mirror talk” and boom — Issa Rae’s voice transports you into an episode of “Insecure” where she gives you a self-confidence pep talk.

“I’m a big pumper upper,” Issa told Variety, who also reports Issa spent over 40 hours recording.

You can also ask the co-creator of the HBO hit, “How do I look?” She says one of the best days was when she was just being herself and giving compliments.

“Issa, tell me a joke.”

Issa has most likely left you laughing so hard to the point where you couldn’t catch your breath once or twice. Now, as the new Google Assistant voice, you can hear a joke from her, anytime you want.

“Give me a quote from Issa.”

If you thought Issa was all laughs, think again. As the voice of Google Assistant, she drops gems of knowledge. She gives us a taste of her wisdom in the Google promo video, “Embrace who you are now and embrace what makes you different,” Issa said.

“Do you love Daniel or Lawrence more?”

Daniel or Lawrence? “Insecure” junkies have been debating the answer to this question for a long time now. Thanks to Issa being the new voice of Google Assistant, we might have an answer straight from Issa herself.

“Sing me a song.”

Issa is known for spitting fire. Now, you don’t have to wait for the next episode of insecure or replay old episodes to hear Issa rap. Just ask your Google assistant.

“Do I need an umbrella today?”

Of course, you can ask Issa all the standard Google Assistant questions too: “What’s the first day of winter?” or “What’s the closest coffee shop?” The “Insecure” star can practically do it all. She’s your assistant.

Issa joins John Legend on the list of the Google Assistant’s celeb voices through the speech synthesis model, WaveNet. Issa’s voice is only available in the United States and for a limited time. You can gain access through any device that has Google Assistant and on mobile for iOS and Android.

Check out the new Google Assistant below: