Issa Rae is always helping creatives get in their bag.

According to Billboard, with the help of Google, artists can be on standby for the Raedio Creators Program. The new emerging artist program aims to ensure underrepresented independent artists receive the support they need to thrive within the entertainment space.

Issa Rae’s “audio everywhere company” — launched in 2019 — has helped four artists break through and find their voice. Yung Baby Tate and TeaMarrr are two Black female artists who have reaped the benefits of Issa Rae’s music platform. Through the partnership with Google, the intended goal is to increase representation for women of color in the music industry.

“This partnership is perfectly aligned with my mission in helping open doors and provide opportunities for women to succeed and flourish in their craft,” Issa Rae told Billboard. “I can’t wait to see the impact this program and partnership has on the selectees and the music that is created as a result.”

Raedio Creators Program Will Support Emerging Artists

The Raedio Creators Program will champion two female artists and composers who will have the opportunity to create a catalog of music. The artists will be supported with funding and resources from Google, which means those selected will not have to worry about production or marketing. Each artist will even have an opportunity to create a music video and, fortunately, retain ownership of their music.

Billboard reports artists will be able to create an EP featuring three to five songs that the Raedio record label branch will oversee and distribute through various digital service providers. The songs produced by the four artists will also be added to Raedio’s music listing.

In addition, Google’s support will help two composers with recording and collaboration costs to land them brand opportunities and deals in television and film. Raedio will then seek opportunities so that the projects make it to Hollywood.

“We are proud to create these four grants in partnership with Raedio with a goal of underscoring the importance in providing access and opportunity for women of color pursuing audio careers within the entertainment industry,” said Elle Roth-Brunet, Google’s entertainment partnerships lead, according to Billboard. “This program is an extension of Google’s dedication to championing diversity within the entertainment industry and we look forward to hearing the artistic contributions of all who participate.”

Artists Can Tap In Soon

Artists and composers looking to join the Raedio Creators Program can begin submitting their work for consideration beginning February 2022.

The four recipients will be announced in March 2022.