Innovative Systems Group (ISG) CEO Tony Marshall has been named as SynED’s CyberHero.

In a press release announcement, it was revealed that Marshall — who founded ISG to provide cybersecurity services and build cybersecurity talent — was given the award because of his ability to create cyber career pathways in North Carolina.

That’s thanks, in no small part, to ISG’s apprenticeship program, which Tony Marshall initially founded in 2013. This program, in partnership with government and industry, provides one of the most effective pathways to a cybersecurity career. As a result, this creates a seamless pathway into the cybersecurity workforce, helping to fill the critical demands for skilled cybersecurity workers that exist throughout the United States.

For Marshall, the focus of the apprenticeship program is on military veterans, who he feels are a natural fit for qualified cybersecurity jobs. It’s personal for him, too, because his father was a military veteran.

“A veteran’s natural propensity to defend and their security clearances, make them a choice population for cybersecurity. Cybersecurity requires a combination of education, training, certification, and work experience,” Tony Marshall said, in the press release announcement. “Our program integrates these core elements to enable work-based learning, as part of a federally recognized apprenticeship program.”