The trend of merging technology and music together is becoming common practice as we enter a new tech-savvy era.

Some artists tapping into the benefits of tech are even using their talents to support larger causes — much like Billboard-charting independent artist Call Me Ace whose newest music release has turned into an initiative to donate funds to’s Live Free campaign.

Released in February 2020, “Working From Home: Extended” contextualizes the definition of survival in the midst of a global pandemic and the social reckoning happening in America.

As someone with personal connections to these topics, Ace is tapping into his own tech resources and digital networks to help raise funds to donate to’s new campaign, which aims to reduce gun violence, mass incarceration and the criminalization of Black & brown people in America.

“My whole life I’ve known and I’ve experienced racial discrimination but to see it where it is right now has been a lot,” said Ace in a press statement. “Being someone that is a man of faith, a graduate from an Ivy League school, has a Top 10 MBA, and has worked at prestigious companies—I still know what it’s like to be wrongly profiled and stopped by a police officer because I’m matching ‘the description.’”

According to a press release, Ace has recruited the help of Google’s corporate gift matching program to match his $5,000+ donation and double it to a total of $10,000+ toward Live Free’s initiative.

Similar to his own efforts, Ace wants to use his social media, digital marketing skills, and tech expertise to encourage people to tap into their business mindsets and leverage their digital networks to ultimately give back to their communities.

“I feel the responsibility and the calling to use the gifts that God has given
me to make positive change and impact in the space that I’m in,” he shared.

Back in April, Ace gave a keynote speech to undergraduate students across the U.S. and Europe about pursuing a future in the tech space. Earlier this year, he also gave keynote speeches at Green Farms Academy, Believers in Business National Conference and UC Berkeley about navigating careers as a corporate creatives.

Additionally, Ace offers ongoing pro-bono marketing consulting to a non-profit organization of UC Berkeley, Haas, which resulted in the rebranding of Boost@BerkeleyHaas. He’s also working with BOOST as a co-creator of a capstone business development project — for 50 ninth-grade students — that merges music and tech industry knowledge. This year will be the second installment of the project within the past 3 years.

For more information on Call Me Ace and his latest initiatives, click here.