Uploading job postings while looking for people to fill open positions is a fairly standard process. However, what’s said to be a description for one company’s roles may have shown its true colors in what the higher-ups are looking for.

In a tweet from Kendall Brown, the social media influencer shared what’s claimed to be a job posting on Indeed from Arthur Grand Technologies. The screenshot from the Twitter user shows the posting had a note that reads: “Only Born US Citizens [White] who are local within 60 miles from Dallas, TX [Don’t share with candidates].”

Following the racist posting circulating on social media, Twitter users voiced their thoughts, including someone asking whether it was satire.

“I wish it was,” Brown responded to the Twitter user. “It was a fully legit listing (although it has been taken down once Reddit got ahold of it).”

The Dallas Morning News reports that Arthur Grand Technologies came forward with their response to the now-deleted job posting for a business analyst role for its Salesforce and insurance claims team. The Virginia-based company claims that the job posting wasn’t authorized or posted by active employees. Additionally, the outlet shares that the company stated “a former employee edited an existing posting, added discriminatory language, and reposted the position through his own account.”

“The moment this was brought to our attention, we worked with the job portal to remove this offensive job posting,” Arthur Grand said in a statement, according to the outlet.

What’s more, the outlet notes that the company is taking legal action against the former employee. 

Although they shared their apology, the damage had already been done online.

According to the outlet, Reddit users claimed they were going to report the company for discrimination, as well as shared Texas Workforce Commission and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s contact information.

Arthur Grand Technologies has seemingly deactivated its website, Twitter and Facebook since the viral post.