Consumers supporting Black-owned businesses is one thing, but seeing Black entrepreneurs come together to support each other is even better.

Black Business reports that from July 2019 to July 2020, 91 Black business-owners joined forces to collectively raise $49 million in revenue, with most sales happening after the COVID-19 breakout.

Traffic Sales and Profit — a powerful network and Facebook group of almost 14,000 purpose-driven Black entrepreneurs — made the big announcement this week as they’ve been able to prevail in spite of the global health crisis.

Despite news outlets like CBS reporting that 40 percent of Black-owned businesses are not expected to make it through the pandemic, Traffic Sales and Profit has proved that theory to be false.

Led by founder Lamar Tyler, Traffic Sales and Profit is responsible for bringing together owners across different industries, including everything from brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce brands to service and product-based businesses, according to Black Business.

Tyler — who believes Black business-owners can capitalize on online traffic — has not only been helping Black businesses grow through his Facebook group and events but also through a 12-month mentorship program called TSP Mastermind.

“The success of our mastermind program reveals what can happen when Black business owners get the encouragement, support, and tools they need to grow,” he said to Black Business. “When we come together with a focus on growth and scaling, nothing can stop us.”

Through his mentorship program, entrepreneurs are able to receive training and coaching on how to drive more traffic, convert more sales, and make their business more profitable.

According to Black Business, Tyler has been very instrumental in providing systems and tools for Black business owners to thrive and easily generate profits.

“Black businesses need a safe space where they can lean in for support around the three keys to growth that we’ve discovered over the years. They are mindset, strategy, and execution. Without all three, it’s impossible to grow and reach your goals.”

Rallying 91 Black entrepreneurs was a great achievement for Tyler and his company and they continue to be a model for how other Black-owned businesses can find success.

“TSP gives Black businesses and entrepreneurs the chance to surround themselves with other people that are on the same journey, experiencing the same struggles and really ‘get’ what it takes to push through, rise above and succeed,” he said.

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