There are few things harder than medical school. After years of being pushed mentally, physically, and emotionally, many med school graduates go on to complete residencies across the world to build out their skills. For Incredible Health Co-Founder Iman Abuzeid, completing her degree meant merging into entrepreneurship. 

Abuzeid grew up in a family of doctors, but chose her own path and began consulting at Booz Allen Hamilton where she designed collaborations between New York City hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. She continued to apply her medical expertise at McKinsey & Company before becoming the director of product management at AliveCor, Inc., a mobile EKG solution company. 

“I felt like I could make a bigger difference without pursuing residency,” Abuzeid said. “I wanted to have a broader impact.”

Abuzeid never strayed far from the medical field and said that she’s been able to apply her medical degree in ways that she did not think were possible. In her consultancy days, Abuzeid was able to perfect her leadership skills and learn the ins and outs of running a business. She also went on to get her MBA from the Wharton School of Business, concentrating in healthcare management. 

“You can’t be afraid to make that switch,” Abuzeid said. “I knew I’d always wanted to be an entrepreneur.”

When she finally decided to start Incredible Health in 2017 with Co-Founder Rome Portlock, she knew the time was right. Portlock is Incredible Health’s chief technology officer and fellow AliveCor, Inc. alum. He comes from a family of nurses and helped start Incredible Health after hearing some of the challenges nurses faced finding stable jobs. 

Now that Abuzeid is on the frontend of business, she is combining her experiences as a consultant and a doctor to streamline the hiring process for nurses. Incredible Health is a platform that uses an algorithm to match hospitals to nurses. Once nurses sign up to the website, employers apply to the nurses, cutting the time it takes for nurses to find new jobs. 

Incredible Health recently raised $15 million in its Series A funding round, and the San Francisco-based company plans to use the capital to scale up its business. So far, the service is offered to more than 150 hospitals in California, and Abuzeid plans to expand Incredible Health nationwide. 

“Now the team at Incredible Health is in a position to scale a dynamic marketplace which is itself poised to have a lasting impact in all our lives and communities by supporting the nurses and hospital staff that support us all,” Investors at NFX said in a blog post. “The story of Incredible Health demonstrates the type of fortitude that you need in these early, precarious stages of company development.”

NFX participated in Incredible Health’s latest funding round, which was led by Andreessen Horowitz.