Ice-T has confirmed that he’s not completely against the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the entertainment industry.

Page Six reports that before his hosting gig for the book launch of Mark Minevich’s “Our Planet Powered By AI,” the rapper and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” actor shared his belief of how he could benefit from the technology.

“I think Ice-T could potentially act forever,” said Ice-T, who is the longest-running male actor on a primetime drama, per Page Six.  “I wouldn’t care. I think to say ‘no’ would be selfish. A future AI version of me would be better than me.”

As previously shared by AFROTECH, a Charter Works survey found that 53% of Black respondents are afraid of being replaced by AI, while the number of white respondents concerned was 39%. From Ice-T’s perspective, he doesn’t believe that people have anything to fear.

“I think people are freaking because they think they are going to lose their jobs — but people can lose their jobs at any time,” he said. “I don’t think people will lose jobs, they will have different jobs, we will become more computer-ish type people. When you imagine the future, you don’t imagine manual tasks, you imagine future s–t.”

Ice-T also emphasized that the general public should come to terms with the rise of AI and address it head on. As for the actor, he said that he is consistently reading up on AI to be “involved as it grows.”

In August 2023, LL Cool J shared a similar sentiment of there needing to be an erasure of fear regarding AI.

As previously reported by AFROTECH, he gave his two cents on the AI debate during a fireside chat on “The Business of Building Hip Hop: The Next 50 Years” at Nasdaq Marketsite.

“Artificial intelligence is a tool,” LL Cool J said. “The only time that artificial intelligence or things like that are gonna be a problem is when people are afraid of the tools…Every new technology is a tool. It’s how you use it. It can be a nuclear bomb or it can be a nuclear reactor that creates energy.”

He added, “To me, I think it’s how we’re going to ultimately embrace artificial intelligence and use it to our benefit that’s going to make the difference.”