Beyoncé brought in the big numbers to Netflix, thanks to her documentary, Homecoming.

Nielsen states the documentary brought in 1.1 million U.S. viewers and had an average of 828,000 viewers a minute. That average continued in the days following the film’s April 17 release up into that weekend of April 20-21. Much of the audience consisted of young Black women viewers, with 63% watching the film April 21 and 55% throughout its first seven days after the release.

Even though the documentary had a huge audience, Nielsen states that Homecoming didn’t reach the same heights as other Netflix offerings like the Sandra Bullock-starring horror film Bird Box and the Will Smith-starring fantasy buddy-cop film Bright. With that said, Nielsen’s stats don’t equal all of Netflix’s viewership numbers, since it only covers American viewers, and out of that limited demographic, Nielsen only counts internet-connected televisions. This means that phones, computers and other mobile devices aren’t represented in the final statistics.

Overall, it’s clear that Homecoming excelled, making it another win for Beyoncé’s Parkwood Entertainment as well as Netflix.