Gillian Bradley has once again proven how she and the rest of the Harper Ray team are a force in the fashion jewelry industry.

In a recent Instagram post, the entrepreneur shared that the accessories brand reached its goal of making $100,000 in one day.

Only Up From Here

After wrapping up its highly-anticipated mega sale, Bradley’s caption about the accomplishment included a look back at where it all started. As previously reported by AfroTech, the founder started her journey during her high school years.

“I was just a baby in high school making myself some basketball wives earrings (iykyk)…I never imagined any of this,” she wrote via Instagram. “$100k in one day?! still so surreal. thanks to my girls for believing in me and helping me build this brand. I know I always say it but I’m nothing without y’all! & of course thanks to the harper baes for rocking with us so tough.”

She continued: “We a year later but we not a dollar short.”

Another Win

What’s more, the Harper Ray brand isn’t new to achieving new feats.

As previously shared by AfroTech, the brand had a mega sale in 2020 as well, where it sold discounted products for 24 hours starting at midnight. According to Bradley, the team reached its goal in minutes and by the end of the sale, they surpassed nine to ten times their initial goal.

Harper Ray's Mission

And, while money may be part of the motive, it’s not the entire mission.

In addition to celebrating multicultural women, especially, Bradley previously shared with AfroTech that her company prioritizes making women feel like princesses.

“I really love the vibe we’ve curated of women — it’s women empowerment,” she told us in 2021. “You can buy your own jewelry. You don’t have to wait for men or special occasions to buy jewelry for yourself. Most jewelry companies now are curated for men. They market toward men, ‘men buy women jewelry.’ There is no market toward women. You can get your own damn jewelry. Seeing women come in and just cash themselves out is so fun to watch.”