What makes visiting this ice cream shop even more of a sweet experience is that you’re supporting a Black-owned business.

WTAE-TV, an affiliate station of ABC, reports that Happy Day Dessert Factory is marked as the first Black-owned ice cream parlor in Pittsburgh, PA. The family-owned business is run by Galen Moorer Sr. and his son, Galen Moorer Jr., who owns the business. The parlor is known for its homemade ice cream. 

“We make every item that we sell in our store, whether it’s our ice cream, our water ice, our cones, everything,” Moorer Sr. told the outlet. He also noted that the shop’s recipes have come from his family and all ingredients are locally sourced.

According to Happy Day Dessert Factory’s website, its menu also consists of milkshakes, soft custard, cookies, ice cream sandwiches, cakes, and dairy-free options. What’s more, its water ice is a healthier choice as it’s fat-free and cholesterol-free. With over a decade in the frozen dessert industry, Happy Day Dessert Factory specializes in its food products.

“All of our products are made daily with premium ingredients such as chunks of real fruit, 15% butterfat ice cream base and a 10% butterfat custard base,” the website describes.

The business, which has been operating for around three years, started heading out on the road with its ice cream bus in July 2023,  right in time for summer, the outlet notes. The moving vehicle is used for community outreach as the business strives to be a positive force in the neighborhood with its slogan, “Smiles made fresh daily.”

“We’re open to any civic groups, whether it’s community block parties, churches, athletic organizations, just about any and everything, as long as we can go out and serve the people, meet with the community, and really make a difference economically and socially as well,” Moorer Sr. said.

While the ice cream bus is on four wheels, Happy Day Dessert Factory’s brick-and-mortar is located on Western Avenue, in the Allegheny West neighborhood on the north side of Pittsburgh.